Who We Are

Our Trainers

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Garret McLaren

  • Former U.S. Army Reconnaissance Sniper Team Leader

  • Certifications: US Army Sniper // Air Assault // Combat Lifesaver // Basic Leaders Course // School of Infantry // PSD in northern Iraq // Advanced Marksmanship Instructor.

  • Won the 101st ABN DIV spot at the Forces Command annual shooting competition with the M4 Carbine and placed 2nd overall

Garret has been shooting for 10 years and has a real passion for training and instructing.  He takes a performance-based training style to solve tactical problems smarter and faster.

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Josh Gilman

  • Former U.S. Marine

  • Two Deployments 

Nick Edwards

  • 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines, Scout Sniper

  • Helicopter Insert and Extract/Assault Climber Instructor for Expeditionary Operations Training Group

Nick served in the US Marine Corps for 8 years, which included two deployments to Afghanistan, a deployment to Japan, and one deployment on ship. With a variety of experiences in multiple terrains, Nick brings a well-rounded perspective to firearm performance training. 

James Archer

  • IDPA and USPSA shooter

  • 15 years martial arts and dynamic movement training

  • Mechanical Engineering Student in Firearm Design

James spent 10 years training in Tae Kwon Do and another 5 years training in Parkour as well as Freerunning. These experiences combine with an analytic approach as well as over 10 years of shooting  experience to a bring a unique angle to classes.

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Our Philosophy


Understand how to operate guns in a safe + effective manner.


Through firearm classes on a variety of scenarios, we develop muscle memory + focus.


We quantify your progress + set goals for your firearm training growth.

Client Feedback

 A few months back I had the chance to met up with Mr. McLaren and do some shooting/instruction. When I first met him, he was polite and easy going. Once the instruction/shooting started he was very professional. He broke down the do's and don'ts, as well as demonstrated techniques. But the biggest and most helpful tip was something he said that I haven't heard before regarding effective transitioning from iron sights to a pistol mount optic (red dot). I would gladly take another one of his classes

- Drew Ramsey

Executive Firearms Client