Who We Are

Our Trainers

Garret McLaren

  • Former U.S. Army Reconnaissance Sniper Team Leader

  • Certifications: US Army Sniper // Air Assault // Combat Lifesaver // Basic Leaders Course // School of Infantry // PSD in northern Iraq // Advanced Marksmanship Instructor.

  • Won the 101st ABN DIV spot at the Forces Command annual shooting competition with the M4 Carbine and placed 2nd overall

Garret has been shooting for 10 years and has a real passion for training and instructing.  He takes a performance-based training style to solve tactical problems smarter and faster.


Steve Winenger 

  • Former U.S. Army Reconnaissance Team Leader

  • Certifications:  ILEA Graduate // Instructor Development // FTO //STOPS Instructor // Head Firearms Instructor // Patrol Rifle Instructor // Armorer // S.W.A.T. School // Tactical Team Leader Development // Surveillance and Advanced Surveillance Schools // Combat Lifesaver // School of Infantry  // Primary Leadership Development Course // BNCOC  // 2 Deployments to Iraq. 

  • Former Law Enforcement 

Steve spent 12 years in the National Guard in his home state of Indiana where he was also active Law Enforcement. He dedicated his time to bettering himself and others through learning how to effectively communicate Information to others. 

Nick Edwards

  • 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines, Scout Sniper

  • Helicopter Insert and Extract/Assault Climber Instructor for Expeditionary Operations Training Group

Nick served in the US Marine Corps for 8 years, which included two deployments to Afghanistan, a deployment to Japan, and one deployment on ship. With a variety of experiences in multiple terrains, Nick brings a well-rounded perspective to firearm performance training. 

James Archer

  • IDPA and USPSA shooter

  • 15 years martial arts and dynamic movement training

  • Mechanical Engineering Student in Firearm Design

James spent 10 years training in Tae Kwon Do and another 5 years training in Parkour as well as Freerunning. These experiences combine with an analytic approach as well as over 10 years of shooting  experience to a bring a unique angle to classes.

Our Philosophy


Understand how to operate guns in a safe + effective manner.


Through firearm classes on a variety of scenarios, we develop muscle memory + focus.


We quantify your progress + set goals for your firearm training growth.

Client Feedback

 A few months back I had the chance to met up with Mr. McLaren and do some shooting/instruction. When I first met him, he was polite and easy going. Once the instruction/shooting started he was very professional. He broke down the do's and don'ts, as well as demonstrated techniques. But the biggest and most helpful tip was something he said that I haven't heard before regarding effective transitioning from iron sights to a pistol mount optic (red dot). I would gladly take another one of his classes

- Drew Ramsey

Executive Firearms Client

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