Special Courses

Advanced Exercises for  Professional Shooters

1. Effective rig setup

2. Transitioning from handgun to rifle

Outcome // Efficient firearm transition 

Duration // 6 hours

Intro to Transitions

3. Transitioning from rifle to handgun


1. Handgun reload in transition

2. Rifle reload in transition

Outcome // Reload in transition with barriers

Duration // 6 hours

Reloads with Transitions

3. Transitioning with barriers 

4. Leveraging cover for transitions


1. Overcoming time pressure with accurate transitions

2, Overcoming barrier challenges with timed transitions

Outcome // Fire 20 rounds from 2 weapons in 30 sec.

Duration // 6 hours

Transition under Stress


3. Self-diagnosing areas of improvement

I first met Garret when we designed a carbine fundamentals course together.  As soon as I met him we kicked it off - the man can shoot and is awesome to be around. As an Army vet, I thought I knew a lot until I met Garret. He dumped an insane amount of knowledge and was able to translate it to the guys we had run through the course in an exceptionally clear and concise manner.  By far one of the best instructors I have worked with in my career!

- Caleb craft

US Army Retired

Firearm Trainer 

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