Why Firearm Training Matters for all Levels of Experience

"I’m a gun owner, but I don't use my firearm in tactical situations, just for fun at the range or self-defense at home. So why should I get training?"

This is a question we hear a lot.

Let's think about this from another perspective. When you get in your car to drive down the freeway at 75mph with your family, how can you do that with confidence? If you swerve just a few feet out of your lane, it could mean life or death. But for many of us, we're more stressed out by finding the perfect playlist than driving at such high speeds.

The same concept applies to shooting. Most of us don't shoot guns as often as we drive cars, so shooting every day probably isn't necessary. However, your ability to react calmly and effectively to new or unexpected scenarios will be dependent on the depth of experience that you have with your firearm. Example: driving with your driver's education instructor. Without a depth of experience in multiple driving scenarios, every task was daunting, your hands were likely firmly gripped at the 10 & 2 positions, and you were a much higher risk driver. As you gain more experience, though, you can more calmly and effectively react to new or unexpected scenarios, and your insurance premiums reflect the decreased risk as you grow older.

Whatever your reason for purchasing a firearm, it is important to remember that:

Shooting is a perishable skill which requires up keep at all levels of experience.

Are you confident in your education on how to safely handle a gun? If you carry, do you know how long it takes you to draw and shoot under non-stress conditions? And finally, do you have the experience and repetition of safely using your firearm to be able to do so in a stressful and unexpected situation?

Let us help you reach your why. Whether it self-defense or just for fun, we build customized training programs to reach your goals. Connect with our team of friendly training experts to build out the right plan for you.

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