• Garret Mclaren

Realistic Training

As much as training on a flat range is very important and can teach you so much, it is never a bad idea to supplement with force on force training.

What is force on force training? It is simply what it sounds like, force on force, person vs person.The military and Law Enforcement will generally use sim rounds for force on force training, which are very painful and pricey (but work very well). We saw the need for more people to train with some sort of force on force method, and came up with a simple but cost effective way to train. Airsoft is great for shooters to get practice force on force. We will now be offering these force on force classes.

Students will learn how long their draw will take under pressure. They will learn space management and situational awareness. They will get a better idea of when they are actually in danger, and the steps they may need to take in order to exit that situation. Shooters will be able to test their muzzle awareness and learn how to move in a 360 degree world. These and many more skills will be trained and tested.

So if you conceal carry, and are looking to better understand your capabilities, reach out and ask about some force on force training.


Garret McLaren

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