• Garret Mclaren

I Want to Start Carrying but Where Do I Start?

With all the craziness taking place in the world these days one thing is becoming very apparent to people, you and your family's safety is up to you. Personal safety should not be a political thing. You have the right to protect your life. Many Americans are looking at carrying a firearm. Where should you start?

Executive Firearms has a class for you. We have just released a 3 Lesson block for concealed carry. The first lesson will be the basic pistol and how to grip as well as press the trigger. Lesson 2 will be with an Air Soft training pistol in order to play out some real scenarios. This will help new students learn muzzle discipline. Lesson 3 will be a qualification and culminating event.

So if you want to start training today sign up here

If you have any questions please reach out to



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