• Garret Mclaren

Growth Mindset

In training and in life

We all make mistakes, that is part of being human and learning to get better. Students all the time really get down on them selves about what they do wrong. Weather it is because they are shooting a competition or they are simply trying to learn a new concept. As good as the best shooters may get, they will still make mistakes there is no avoiding that. The question is not how we can eliminate mistakes but how we can change the way we view them.

We can choose to see our mistakes as fuel for growth. Instead of getting upset at what we did wrong or the peace of gear that failed us, we can look at what we did well despite the things that tried to mess us up. Now this doesn't mean we ignore the stuff that goes wrong, not at all we use it to become better. If you have a bad day at the range instead of chalking it up to a bad day at the range see how well you can do on a bad day. It is a mindset that seeks to take advantage of the low points. If you try and grow from those low points the high points will be that much better. It isn't always easy especially when you make mistakes that are simple. Most of the time it is better to accept poor performance rather then find an excuse.

So next time you are having a bad day see how good that bad day can be...despite that it is a bad day.

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