• Garret Mclaren

Buying a Gun for the First Time

Buying a gun for the first time can be a very daunting task. We are here to help.

So the first thing you need to know when it comes to buying a pistol is what the intended purpose is. Do we want to use it for concealed carry, for home defense, or maybe simply for range time. Don't get me wrong just because you buy something for concealed carry doesn't mean it won't be fun to shoot at the range. This question is simply to find out what is most important.

Next, it is important to understand the characteristics of firearms. If you go to your average shop you will most likely find a lot of misinformation and biased opinions, not all shops but most. If you are a female looking for your first gun, you will almost always be sold something small and compact. The truth is these small compact guns sacrifice comfort and control while shooting in order to be small...not a good gun to learn on. I have seen it to many times where a husband buys his wife a 38 or 380, and she hates it because of recoil and how small and uncontrollable it is. Guns are made smaller to allow for more conceal-ability, that is the only benefit. Make sure you are buying something that fits your needs, not what is being sold to you.

The best way to make an educated purchase is to get some sort of basic training on how to properly grip and shoot before you make a purchase. I would recommend shooting a 9mm full sized gun(if gripped properly) has very controllable recoil. If you understand the basics, it gives you a much better Idea of what fits your needs.

Final suggestions.

----If you are new to shooting and you want to learn how to shoot, get a gun that is more geared towards range use. Reality is that simply having a gun is not all you need. If you have very little understanding of that gun it is more of a liability then an asset. Get a gun you can learn the basics on and then worry about a carry gun.

----You have been shooting and now you want to carry.

Personal preference is huge. You can carry a full sized gun like many people do every day, or you may want something small and a little more geared towards comfort. This is your choice, but make sure you know your capability with that gun.

So that wraps it up. Learn the basics, establish what your primary use for the gun is, and find what works for you not what someone is trying to sell you. If you need help with any of these please reach out scheduled a lesson we would love to help build your skills and knowledge.



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