• Garret Mclaren

Am I Limiting My Options?

Carrying a gun is a big responsibility and most of us have our reasons for carrying it. When it comes to carrying a gun there are several areas I think people should consider training. In months to come, we will talk in great detail about this, for this blog my only intention is to provoke thought.

If you have been carrying for a little while you will no doubt realize that you think a lot more about the situations you are entering into. I do not simply mean from a "tactical" standpoint but also socially. Do you plan to have some drinks? Are we going somewhere they will check for weapons? This train of thought is a good one, it keeps you aware. This got me thinking, what are some things that someone who has been carrying for a long time might be able to help people who are new to carrying think about? well here we go.

The gun is a last resort. The steps that you should go through to not have to use your gun are extensive. Just because you have a skill does not mean you need to use it. Think about how you could handle a situation without a gun. Think about the communication skills you can use. The point is, give yourself options. On the flip side know when it is time to use the gun to defend your life.

Combatives are huge. For a long time, I knew very little about how I would handle those weird in-between areas. As a whole, the gun world doesn't talk about it enough. How do you handle someone who is acting out but isn't really threatening your life? Very hard to do if your only self-defense method is words or a gun. The same can be said for those who don't carry and trust one means of self-defense that can fall far short when a serious threat is posed. Think about situations and what tools you would want, and develop them.

Last but not least, Be disciplined and as consistent as you can be in training. It is easy to fall behind and we all do it one way or another. The more work you put in the more results you will see.

If you carry a gun, start thinking of those mentally tough things to look at. Do you have other options? what are they? How can you develop those skills? More on this in the future.



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