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Executive Handgun Carry Use and Concepts
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Three lesson package. Lesson 1 will focus on Hand gun basics and safety. This will be a live fire course at an indoor range. lesson 2 will focus on concealed carry and drawing from concealment. We will use air-soft guns to simulate situations in real time. lesson 3 will be qualification.
Beginner Private Lesson
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Experience customized trainings from our team of expert instructors. We will talk through your goals before the training and curate an experience to focus on the areas you wish to improve on.

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1. Principals of safety

2. How firearms function

5. Sight alignment

6. Stance

Outcome // Firearms Safety & Familiarization  

Duration // 8 hours

Intro to Pistol 

7. Recoil control 

8. Develop a shot process

3. How to load and unload

4. Trigger discipline


1. Principles of Safety

2. Zeroing your Rifle 

5. Sight Alignment

6. Stance when Shooting

Outcome // Firearms Safety & Familiarization

Duration // 8 hours

Intro to Rifle

3. How to Load and Unload

4. Trigger Discipline


7. Recoil Control

8. Develop a Shot Process

1. Clearing garment 

2. Draw stroke development

Outcome // Fundamentals of Concealed carry 

Duration // 8 hours

Intro to Concealed Carry

3. Understanding distance management

4. Reloads from concealment


Dad is a military trained shooter with little experience in civilian shooting. Garret took the time to ask where my dad needed the most work. He was knowledgeable and patient; he paid close attention to be sure the fundamentals were also adhered to, making adjustments as he noticed opportunities.  
I would easily recommend Garret for any training needs one might have going forward!  Great guy and very good trainer!

- Andy Clemmer

Executive Firearms Client

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