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1. Principals of safety

2. How firearms function

5. Sight alignment

6. Stance

Outcome // Firearms Safety & Familiarization  

Intro to Pistol 

7. Recoil control 

8. Develop a shot process

3. How to load and unload

4. Trigger discipline

Topics May Cover

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1. Principles of Safety

2. Zeroing your Rifle 

5. Sight Alignment

6. Stance when Shooting

Outcome // Firearms Safety & Familiarization

Intro to Rifle

3. How to Load and Unload

4. Trigger Discipline

Topics May Cover

7. Recoil Control

8. Develop a Shot Process

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1. Clearing garment 

2. Draw stroke development

Outcome // Fundamentals of Concealed carry 

Intro to Concealed Carry

3. Understanding distance management

4. Reloads from concealment

Topics May Cover

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Dad is a military trained shooter with little experience in civilian shooting. Garret took the time to ask where my dad needed the most work. He was knowledgeable and patient; he paid close attention to be sure the fundamentals were also adhered to, making adjustments as he noticed opportunities.  
I would easily recommend Garret for any training needs one might have going forward!  Great guy and very good trainer!

- Andy Clemmer

Executive Firearms Client

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