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The Premier Firearm Training

in the Southeast

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Comprehensive Training Certifications

Handgun Certification.jpg
Handgun Training.jpg

Course Principles Include:

Handgun Safety // Cleaning Loading & Unloading // Stance Recoil Control // Sight Alignment Rapid-fire // Concealed Carry

[ And Much More ]

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Rifle Training.jpg

Course Principles Include:

Rifle Safety  //  Cleaning

Loading & Unloading  //  Zeroing a Rifle // Distance Management

[ And Much More ]

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2-gun certification.jpg

Course Principles Include:

Transition Safety  //  Leveraging Cover // Reloading in Transition

Transition Under Time & Barrier Pressure

[ And Much More ]

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Self-Defense Training.jpg

Course Principles Include:

Mindset & Preparation Situational Awareness  //  Home Defense // Vehicle Defense

[ And Much More ]

Our Certified Firearm Trainers


   James Archer

Competition Shooter

   Garret McLaren

US Army Sniper

   Nick Edwards

US Marines Sniper

Our Philosophy


Understand how to operate guns in a safe + effective manner.


Through firearm classes on a variety of scenarios, we develop muscle memory + focus.


We quantify your progress + set goals for your firearm training growth.

I first met Garret when we designed a carbine fundamentals course together.  As soon as I met him we kicked it off - the man can shoot and is awesome to be around. As an Army vet, I thought I knew a lot until I met Garret. He dumped an insane amount of knowledge and was able to translate it to the guys we had run through the course in an exceptionally clear and concise manner.  By far one of the best instructors I have worked with in my career!

- Caleb craft

US Army Retired

Firearm Trainer 

Dad is a military trained shooter with little experience in civilian shooting. Garret took the time to ask where my dad needed the most work. He was knowledgeable and patient; he paid close attention to be sure the fundamentals were also adhered to, making adjustments as he noticed opportunities.  
I would easily recommend Garret for any training needs one might have going forward!  Great guy and very good trainer!

- Andy Clemmer

Executive Firearms Client

Handgun Training

Rifle Training



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